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Nowadays thanks to technology improvements, both road and MTB bikes evolved a lot compared to before. And they are both equipped with very sophisticated products and accessories. Even though, there are differences between flat and drop bar road bikes as well as advantages and disadvantages for both. However, a lot of people are uncertain whether the first or the latter one is worth buying.


The first difference to mention is the difference in position between a drop bar bike and a flat one. It is clearly noticeable that a flat bar bike features the ability of putting the rider in an upright position. This characteristic is a very convenient for beginners as it does not require so much flexibility. Moreover it is also convenient for carrying a backpack while riding.  A drop bar road bike can let you get both longer and lower at the front resulting to be more aerodynamic and faster while pedalling. However the rider should be more flexible to take advantage of the aerodynamicist.

While riding a  drop bar bike, it is possible to ride the bike in 3 different hand positions: the hoods, the drops and the tops. Normally as with the drops the hands are more secure, riders can really fell to be faster and more comfortable while riding as they can sprint and descend in an easier way. In order to have a broader view of the advantages of the two bar types, different tests are needed.

The first one is the speed one. The speed test length is 2 km long and of course both flat and drop bar road bike handlebars are used.  The outcome of the speed test clearly showed that sprinting with a drop bar road bike is easier, more comfortable and faster compared to using a flat road bike. This is because the drop bar let the rider to be in a lower and more aerodynamic position.


AS mentioned before, as the drop bike shape let riders ride in 3 different positions all of the three are very aerodynamics, as well as very versatile. If you are already an expert rider who are used to ride long distances or a beginner who ride not so often. It may happen that your wrists, hands or arms can become more tired as the riding distance covered get longer and longer. If this is the case, all you need to do is changing your hand position. The flat handlebar differs from the drop bike as it only offers a hand position. However it has a potential for urban city rides as it has a shorter length. It is more comfortable and more stable making it perfect for cycling in the middle of traffic jam. As it may happen in most of urban city.

For further assessing the nimble steering of both the drop and flat bar, another important test must be done. This test can also be called agility test. It consists in cycling as fast as possible through a set of cones who were positioned in the middle of the street on which at the top an egg was placed. In order to do this test both a drop and a flat bar bike were used. The result of the test was not totally surprising as the flat bar is more stable. Easier to use and it gives a sensation of speed and stability. In fact, there is a higher probability of letting the egg falling down from the cones by riding a drop bar bike then riding a stable, more aerodynamics and faster flat bar bike.

The stability and the balance

A last test is necessary in order to assess the stability and the balance of both a drop bar bike and a flat bar bike.

This test is conducted in an outdoor park. Riders challenge themselves by riding across some beams which are positioned in multiple different grass areas without letting them fall off.

The outcome of this competition was the same as the previous one. As mentioned above, as the flat bar is more stable and more comfortable to use. It is not a surprise that it is easier to ride a flat bar bike on some beams rather than a more complex, more stylish but less stable drop bar.


ITM  MTB VOLO handlebar is manufactured with the light 6061 aluminium alloy. Double butted and thanks to the T6 heat treatment for a prolonged resistance of the product. The structure is strong and rigid, for a comfortable ride and very safe with the central part Ø31,8. The VOLO MTB handlebar is the perfect choice for riders who are looking for a high-performance product at an affordable price. It is produced in the top flat version, which is ideal for the cross country and MTB. Also widely used in urban areas on electric bicycles e-bikes. For the riders who are very attentive to their bike style and all its details. There is the possibility to combine the VOLO MTB handlebar with the VOLO stem handlebar and the VOLO seat-post.


Draco carbon road handlebar, is a top-quality model. Which combines the lightness of the high modulus with a perfect rigidity for a maximum vibration’s absorption.  Draco handlebar in fact is manufactured with a particular EPS technology. Which ensures a good distribution carbon laminates and ensures the control of thicknesses and smooth surfaces even inside the product.

Thanks to this technology considering the same weight we can obtain a major rigidity of at least 25%. The Draco fold is proposed in two different colours. Draco in the version “Black” with an attractive matte finish, unidirectional carbon texture and UV graphics. And the classic version with the glossy finish of the carbon weave a view. The Draco curve, highly performed is characterized by type drops compact that guarantee driving positions in absolute comfort. Draco is a handlebar characterized by a classic design, traditional. With a neat appearance thanks to the (Di2) cables hidden inside of the HB. For better equipped the road bike, along with the Draco handlebar there is the possibility to coordinate the Draco stem and Draco seat-post.

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