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Handlebar positioning, overall cockpit set up are considered to be two of the most important actions to keep in mind before riding any bikes. In order to find the perfect cockpit in the best possible way there are of course a lot of steps to go through. The first step to keep in mind is selecting the handlebar that will be used, followed by which kind of bar width is necessary to cut the bar down to. 


The perfect handlebar width for every rider clearly depends on the length of the arms, the high of every rider as well as which kind of riding is more suitable for every individual. Normally, the more sprinting the rider will do, the wider the handlebar will be as you will use more power, on the other hand small and in the past years very tiny handlebars were used for riding difficult and dangerous trials where is important to be a bit clearance to the trees.  When preparing the overall cockpit set up, it can be helpful to imaging being working out and doing bench press, by doing so you are opening your arms to a level in which you arrive at your strongest point and that arms opening measure will be the best handlebar length for you. 

The next most important thing to look at is try to understand the role of the handlebar, more specifically how far forward can your handlebar be rolled or until how far back can it goes. This aspect is very important as if it is a bit too far forward or a bit far back, this will result in an uncomfortable and unpleasant riding experience.  While riding many cyclists tend to have the handlebar angle more or less in line with the fork angle. This decision certainly help as the handlebar will be a bit further rolled forward as it will have a better rise, it fells more neutral and more comfortable. 

The role of the handlebar

Everyone while setting a handlebar roll in a flat position will tend to have the handlebar a bit further rolled forward as it have a better rise. It feels more neutral more comfortable. However when going downhill is very dangerous as the bike will tend to fall down and the ball roll which was felling perfect for a good neutral position. Now is leading you over the front end.

Steering is heavily influence by how far forward or backwards each cyclists have their handlebars; this is way is very important finding a good neutral position which allows you to feel comfortable while cycling not having that sensation of feeling slow and kind of crammed. In order to find the perfect handlebar roll, riding in a parking lot by doing bouncing with the bike, riding around the parking lot by sprinting a bit can really help finding the best handlebar roll. After having decided the kind of handlebar we want to run and how wide we we want to cut it, the next step for making sure the overall cockpit set up is correctly done is time to set the lever angle.  The process of finding the beat lever positioning is divided into different subprocess.

Find the perfect handlebar roll

The first one will be making sure the lever will be inside or outside the bar, then it is required to grab the bar and place the fingers out and then the lever will be moved to the right spot where the finger is grabbing the bar part of the lever you want to be on. Having figured out what kind of width is the most appropriate for you, the next step will be setting the angle of the levers

Strength is considered to be one of the most important aspects. Because if you are running a lever which is too far up, when you will place your arms on the handlebars grips ready for cycling, you will have a sensation of not being totally in control of the bike as your body position is too far up. That’s why is important finding a correct and balance position which allows you to be in fully control of the bike by being comfortable as well.


R-Trian go Wing is the top-quality road handlebar for aluminium handlebars’ category wrapped   in carbon; it has a perfect fold stiffness distribution and maximum vibration absorption. The handlebar structure is realized in aluminium 6061, T6 and it is finely wrapped in 3K carbon fibre with the particular wave of the carbon left exposed with glossy finish.

The R-Trian go seat-post is proposed in two different colours: the “BLACK” version with a unique matte finishing, unidirectional carbon weave and UV graphics and the classic version with the glossy finishing of the carbon weave a view. The beauty of the carbon fibre combined with the solidity of alloy 7075 make R-Trian go seat-post a good product with an accessible price and a with an enviable aesthetics. The most demanding cyclists who do not give up the style can combine the Hb, R-Trian go Wing with the R-Trian go Stem and the R- Trian go Seat-post.


ITM50 is the new road carbon handlebar high modulus with an integrated stem.

The integrated fold combines an aerodynamic and aesthetically highly ergonomic handlebar with a stem.

Thanks to the handlebar shape the rider can find comfortable and natural riding position in both intense cycling mode and relaxing riding mode. At the handlebar ends, a relaxation area allows hands support for an easy grip of brake and gear shifter. Together with unparalleled riding comfort. The handlebar is equipped with a special anti-slip texture for a stable and safe grip of the upper part of the curve.

ITM50 is a handlebar with unique design and integrated stem, stylish and neat design. Internal cables routing for brakes and transmission (Di2 included). To satisfy small sizes and women users. The ITM50 is also available with a 90 mm stem and a 400 mm handlebar. The support for cycling computer is fully integrated in the upper part of the handlebar. To satisfy small sizes and women users, the ITM50 is also available with a 90 mm stem and a 400 mm handlebar. The support for cycling computer is fully integrated in the upper part of the handlebar.

The adaptor (support) for Garmin cycling computer is included in ITM50 Handlebar. While the adaptors (support) for Polar and Wahoo are available as an option. One additional possibility, is the combination between top of the range ITM50 carbon wheels, matching with integrated handlebar ITM50.

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