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How to get the right dropper post for a bike


Choosing the correct dropper post is essential to ensure a smooth and enjoyable ride. There are indeed few considerations to bear in mind before picking the most suitable one. What follow gives accurate recommendations on what to focus on before purchasing the correct dropper post


The first key element to look at is the diameter. One of the easiest way to ensure the right diameter is to simply check out the bike manufacturer website before purchasing. In addition, dropper posts have sometimes the diameter and other specifications marked on the dropper post itself. Broadly speaking, most of bikes fit the most common standard diameters for bikes which are 30.99 mm or 31,6 mm.

Cable Routing (CR)

Another important worth mentioning item is the cable routing. Regardless if it is hydraulic or cable actuation, internally or externally routed, the CR system is critical in pursuing the correct dropper post choice. Most of nowadays bikes all feature internal routing availability which is surely the best option as one can avoid such baggy cables and it gives the full bike a nice and neat looking.

Dropper Travel

Another important consideration to bear mind when buying a dropper post is the amount of drop in that post. Some people tend to prefer the bigger drop possible that fits in the bike, whereas others go for smaller drops such as 100mm as they do not want to feel the seat completely disappearing.

Stack Height

Stack height clearly plays a vital role in selecting the perfect dropper post. One does not want that stack height to be too large (which would result in the saddle being too high of a position). Measuring the stack height will ensure riders to get the maximum drop post. The stack height measurement goes from the seat post collar up to the saddle rails. Using the original seat post , setting the maximum height for peddling and then subtract 50 mm to account for the seat post collar and the bottom of that clamp.

Insertion Length

Another measurement to get for the best dropper post size is the insertion length which is how far the seat post slams into the frame before hitting any obstruction. For traditional bikes that does not represent an issue. However, bikes featuring interrupted seat tube could be problematic. To prevent that, one just need to remove the seat post and drop a tape around that area till obstruction are hit. In addition, one should never bring the seat post out of the bike above the insertion mark as it can damage the frame or post (another way to ensure that is by measuring the saddle height)

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