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ITM 50 Extra Plastic Adaptor

Original price was: US$15.10.Current price is: US$14.35.


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Sold and delivered by BIKE MACHINERY TRADING CO. LTD – Taiwan

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Plastic adaptor for ITM50 handlebar, interchangeable for Garmin, Polar or Wahoo.


Adattatore in plastica per manubrio ITM50. Intercambiabile per Garmin, Polar e Wahoo.


Adaptateur our cyclocomputer pour guidon ITM50, interchangeable pour Garmin, Polar et Wahoo.


Adaptador para computadora para manillar ITM50, intercambiable para Garmin, Polar y Wahoo.


Adaptador plástico para o guidão ITM50 – intercambiável com Garmin, Polar e Wahoo.


ITM50秒表塑料转接座, 可替换 Garmin, Polar, Wahoo 不同秒表转接座

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