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Replacing worn out bar tapes is a common problem among bike riders as one can end up spending huge amount of time trying to get each loop equal distance to the last and wrapping the hoods in knots. The following guide illustrates the bar replacement process. The essential tools needed are a pair of scissors, an electrical tape and a bar tape. The choice of the tape changes based on preference and there are plenty of tape types available. In total there are 7 important steps to follow


  • Prepare your bars
  • Place extra tape behind shifters
  • Wrap the bar tape
  • Cutting the bar tape
  • Tape the bar tape into place
  • Insert bar end plugs
  • Replace shifter hoods


Prepare your bars

Before starting with the whole process, it is very important to ensure that cables are safely secured neatly against the bars. Most of bars have grooves in which to place cables. A very important tool is to ensure that cables are in place using the electrical tape and pull back the hoods of the shifters in a way that is possible to wrap the handlebar tape underneath.


Place extra tape behind shifters

Most of bar tape are equipped with a couple of extra strips to place behind the shifters so that one will not end up with a gap in the bar tape. When it comes to neatness, one must cut these strips so that they can perfectly fit behind the plastic part of the shifter mount.


Wrap the bar tape

At this point, one can start to wrap. Start at the end of the bars by putting the end of the tape on the underside of the bars and ensure that it overlaps the end of the bar by at least half the width of the tape. One should always do almost one complete turn of the tape prior to start pulling the tape upwards. It is very important to ensure every time a good amount of tension on the tape. As one moves up the bar one should make each overlap on the grip tape as equal as possible while keeping in mind that there should be more overlap on the inside curve of the bars than on the outside. The overlap should be approximately half the width of the tape as for keeping it as flat as possible against the bar. Once one reaches the shifters, ensure that the tape goes as close as possible to the inner plastic mount as for ensuring that the bar is fully covered. Continue wrapping in the same direction towards the center of the bar.


Cutting the bar tape

Cut the bar tape at an angle so that the overlap of the tape continues in the same direction.


Tape the bar tape into tapes

Grab the electrical tape and wrap it around the bar tape and bars as for securing it snugly into place.


Insert bar end plugs

Pote the overlapping tape located at the end of the bar inside the bar itself and then push the bar end plug in.


Replace shifter hoods

Pull the hoods to the shifter back into place and ensure that there are no gaps around it. Apply the same step for the other side

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