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Itm 50 cable routing system: description and buyer guide

ITM 50 CABLE ROUTING system has now been marketed for 5 years. If one passed by at ITM booth during bike show events, chances are that they happen to see out new ITM 50 CR system handlebar.


This bar is manufactured in carbon monocoque, high modulus type and as it is noticeable from the photo. It comes in just one piece (bar and stem are connected each other and they can not be separated). It features such an elegant aerodynamic shape with (on the left-wing side) a noticeable anti slip treatment and design. Which makes very hard for the rider to slide while placing his hands on the extremities of the handlebar. This bar features 2 forward bend which allows the rider to experience the best ride possible both during sprinting and rest position.


This bar length ranges from 400mm, 420mm till 440mm and these bar length can be combined with different stem length as follow:

400 HB with STEM 90/100/110 mm

420 HB with STEM 90/100/110/120 mm

440 HB with STEM  100/110/120 mm


The CR system enables the use of the electronic and mechanical gearbox. As well as the hydraulic and mechanical brake system. The cables are and wires goes directly from the handlebar to the fork and frame tube. The CR system is eased by the presence of spacers whose function is to prevent the cables from over lapsing one each other.


When purchasing the ITM 50 HB CR system you will get 3 items:

  1. The handlebar
  2. The computer mount support
  3. LSGP adapter

The handlebar will come in your selected size and will features a cap on top of the computer mount support featuring ITM logo. Once removed the cap, there will be 2 screws to install the computer mount support.

The standard computer mount support offered is included in the price the one suitable for GARMIN. On request, ITM Is also able to offer the one suitable for WAHOO, BRYTON and POLAR.

Further, ITM offers as well an LSGP adapter. This adapter can serve 2 functions: to display the Gopro or to attach the front light.

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