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Gravel handlebars and bikes are becoming more and more popular, and they started gaining popularity over the last decade. In short words, Gravel bicycles consist of a drop-bar bike. Which has been intentionally designed to allow riding on different types of surfaces. Gravel main feature comprise a rather sporty geometry. Allowing a pleasant ride as well as tyres being relatively wide, low gearing systems and stable handling. The purpose of gravel riding is to allow riding trip on multiple terrain types that include roads, forests, byways and much more. What follows will describe concepts concerning drop bars flare, their characteristics, and their different sizes.

Drop bar features

Drop bars and the bikes equipped with those have evolved other the last decade comprising off-roads and gravel roads. Moreover, wider tyres clearance, longer wheelbases and geometry which tends to be more suitable for off-terrain. Bike components have also been launched to best equip the above-mentioned type of bikes. Tires have also been designed around gravel bikes, suspension forks and of course drop bars.

Drop bars changed drastically over the years by starting with the bar width which can be measured from on access point to the other one. The width surely allows more control over steering. By doing so it is acting has if it were a flat bar on a mountain bike. In addition to that it may help to guarantee more stability especially during drop position.

Another advantage the gravel handlebar has to offer is the possibility of having more space available to place your items and other things you may put on the handlebar such as GPS or a light. In addition to that, another important feature of it is flare. By flare we are meaning the degree to which the bar flares outward from the main part of the bar and by doing so there is more space availability as well as stability. Not only during descending riding but also during climbing riding. The flare width is to be considered the largest part of the handlebar.


Other important characteristics to bear in mind are back sweep and up sweep. By back sweep we mean the amount of sweep or the degree of sweep in which the bar comes back to the rider whereas the up sweep is the amount of sweep the handlebar comes up with. Sweep comes in many options, and they surely allow more upright position which allows it to qualify as a good bike packing bar.

Lastly, another feature regards the drop which vary across all types of bars. Shallow drops are usually easier to be inserted into.

When using wider drop bars, there are few points to bear in mind. Firstly, the bar width creates some “reach”, when selecting the ideal stem length one need to choose a smaller size. Secondly, one should pay closer attention to the bar wrap. Most of the wraps available would be compatible with 500mm or 520 mm. However with a 600mm bars a longer tape to match with the handlebar will be required. Thirdly, one should also pay attention to the brake line. Whether it is hydraulic or cable actuated, one could be required to extend the length.

About ITM Volo gravel handlebar

The Volo Gravel handlebar is a flared model; it is reserved to Gravel lovers or for city bikes, it is indicated to long distances also in challenging routes.

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The HB is made of double butted 6061 aluminium alloy with T6 heat treatment which guarantees a prolonged resistance of the product. The most special features of this handlebar are the wide opening of points towards the outside. Which makes the handlebar highly comfortable and ergonomic. It is also used in in the field of cycle tourism or urban one since it offers space for bags and luggage. The compact curve guarantees a correct position for the maximum ride control. Perfect distribution rigidity and maximum vibrations’ absorption.

The Volo Gravel handlebar is the appropriate choice for riders and cyclists who are looking for a product with an excellent performance at an affordable price. For those who like to follow the bike style there is the possibility to combine the Volo Gravel handlebar with Volo stem, the Volo seat -post and the new Volo wheels, for a customized equipment. Available in different sizes (38cm, 40cm, 42cm and 44cm).


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